Iniscarra Bridge

En plein aire 2022

Ruth 2022

Exodus in Ukraine 2022

Kinder Transport Survivor

Painted from photo taken in 2013 in the Kindertransport Museum in Cologne. This lady was one of the many young Jewish children saved from the Nazi death camps. They were put on grey buses to airports and then flown to the UK, Ireland, US and other countries in 1938. Most of the parents did not survive the war.

Dawn Wall

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park. A vertical rock formation located on the north side of the valley over 900m high. As you stand under the wall you can see climbers working their way up the wall. When we were there, Memorial Day 1996, it was normal for climbs to take up to 14 days. In the mornings the sun hits the top of the wall from the East and creates this spectacular display.

Antibes 2021

Monet painted the castle at Antibes many times.
Antibes is a favourite place of mine and I have also painted it more than once. See Antibes 2020.

Cathkin Peak 2021

In 1984 we walked 5 days through the Drakensberg wilderness area on the 2000m contour path
from below Cathkin Peak (above) to the Nddema Gorge.

Table Mountain 2021

A very familiar view to me from my many visits to Cape Town.

Les Alpilles, Provence 2021

This seminal view, a favourite of Van Gogh is seen just a short drive from Remy St Provence. I was last there in 2005.

Half Dome Yosemite 2021

The view from the valley floor. Although I sketched this view on Memorial Day 1996, I will admit this is sourced from web images.

After Monet: Antibes 2020

A favourite place, easy to reach from Nice, where I went many times to the TI European Education Centre. The Picasso Museum, overlooking the Med is amazing.

After Monet: Figure en Plein Air 2020

At The Cafe Concert 2020

A liberal interpretation of the Cafe Concert by Edouard Manet
A liberal interpretation of the Cafe Concert by Edouard Manet

Clint 2020

Novel Coffee 2020

Moody Blue 2020

Dead or Alive? 2019

Landscape 2019

Rubbish, 2019

A reminder. Also a study in movement of inanimate objects.

Lady in Yellow Straw Hat 2019

Lady in Straw Hat, 2019
Expressionist study based on work by Jawlinsky.

Lady in Blue Turban, 2019

Lady in Blue Turban, 2019
Expressionist study based on work by Jawlinsky.

Remembering Walls, 2018

Berlin 1989. 2018
From video archive in the Art Akademie Berlin

Berlin Holocaust Memorial, 2018

Berlin Holocaust Memorial, 2018
This entire memorial covers perhaps a hectare of Berlin just north of Alexander Platz, right in the centre of the city. The blocks are huge and all different sizes. You can walk between the blocks and very quickly find yourself almost buried and losing your bearings. Yet because the memorial is right in the centre of Berlin the city buildings and parks are ever present; a permanent reminder of mans’ inhumanity to man.

Still Life in Black: Something black, something to wear, plus a glass object. 2018

Still Life, something black, something to wear plus one more item. 2017.
Carbery Art Group competition. Awarded 2nd prize.

West Cork Farmhouse, 2017

West Cork Landscape, 2017

Traditional Christmas Card, 2017

Traditional Christmas Card, 2017

Canoe in the Rapids: After Winslow Homer, 2017

After Homer, 2016

Wet in Wet Study, 2017

Wet in Wet Study, 2017

Tea Time, 2017


Black and White Study, 2018


Porte de Dinan, France. 2016


Towards Mont St. Michel, 2016


Johannesburg Morning, 2017


Cape Cottages, 2017

Cape Cottages

The Door, 2017


Still Life, 2017

Still Life, 2017

Perigord, 1994?

Perigord, France.

Pastel Study, 2017

Pastel Exercise, 2017