National Concert Hall Crashes and Byrnes

Thursday 29th April 2021

Hi David , just a reminder that you’ll get access to the stream at least 30 minutes before the event starts – both on your ticket in-app and via email.
7:31 pmNCH: David , your event is about to begin
7:33 pmCommence setting up download.

Entry page asks for telephone number and presets +44 indicating I’m supposed to be in the United Kingdom! Change to +353 and enter telephone number and event code.

Blank Tab with message: Video Unavailable

Try again, same result

Fetch more modern device and repeat. Same result.

Move onto iPhone, download app. I really don’t want to watch the event on a telephone, but it’s another datapoint.
Same result: Video Unavailable
7:45 pmJoined by my wife who is undoubtedly spooked by me in problem resolution mode, fingers flashing over the keys and (probably) cursing under my breath.

Move to iPad and repeat, Same result.
7:55 pmThere is a Help Centre link; I follow that and find it’s email. There’s no way email support is going to be of help to get this fixed by 8pm.
8.00 pmDecide we’re not getting in.
8:07 pmMe: I am unable to access the event either in the app or on another device.
The link to another device takes me to Youtube and I am told video unavailable.

The alternative device (windows 10) is my preference. But the app on my iPhone isn’t giving me access either – same error message.

Please 1. Refund me my ticket 2. Tell me if I will be able to view Christy Moore on Saturday evening. Already paid for.

8:08 pmNCH: Hello, Thanks for getting in touch with DICE. Please note, that we aim to reply to you within 24 hours. If you’re messaging about an event that’s taking place today, we’ll endeavour to reply a little quicker.

We also ask that you have a read of our Help Centre in case you find a quicker solution to your question.
Thanks, Team DICE
8:09 pmNCH: Hey there, There is currently an issue with this stream but we’ve reached out to the organizers and are actively working on a fix. Please sit tight and thank you for your patience.

8:32 pmNCH: Hi there, Thanks so much for your patience here. The stream is now working, please enter your phone number and 5 character code at to enjoy it.

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to let us know!
8:55 pmMe: Thanks for alerting me. I will wait to hear from you on how you will recompense me for this extraordinary error.
8:57 pmNCH: The stream was up and working 15 minutes after it was set to air, and you can rewind anything you missed.


When we eventually gained access we watched the latter part of the performance in real time and then rewound to the beginning.

Celine Byrne was singing opera and Irish airs accompanied by piano, cello and violin. We hadn’t seen Celine Byrne previously. She has a very powerful voice and outstanding quality of tone. Yet the performance was sadly lacking. Inevitably we would compare Celine with our sadly missed local heroine Cara O’Sullivan, who’s voice was probably even more powerful, but whose personality and presence was immeasurably greater.

The format of the performance was really very dull. Everything was (musically) technically excellent but it was without any spark. The organisers and Celine had simply replicated what they would do for a concert format. They might have added a compere such as Liz Nolan, or incorporated other singers to duet, or acted the opera parts, or . . .. well I could go on. It brings to mind that online meetings and events cannot just replicate what we used to do face to face. We have to rethink events and figure out how to enliven the experience in ways that engage the participants.

My review would be:

Music Technical Excellence: 4.8

Live Stream Technical Excellence: 1.5

Overall  Experience: 2.5

CODA: I have no idea how many viewers were impacted like myself. I would assume many. I don’t think this was a bandwidth issue because I hit the problem immediately well before the start.

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1 Response to National Concert Hall Crashes and Byrnes

  1. davidsprott says:

    Clearly there were many, many people impacted by this problem as I received this message today:
    Hey there,

    You may have experienced a delay in gaining access to last night’s recital by soprano Celine Byrne as part of the National Concert Hall’s Spring/Summer Variations Series, this was due to a temporary technical error for which we apologise. In light of this, we have extended the viewing period for this recital so you can enjoy the concert at your leisure. You can now view this performance up to Saturday the 8th May at 8pm.
    Thanks so much,
    Team DICE

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