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To France in your EV?

My prior reports on long distance trips in the UK [1] have been pretty horrific. In fact I didn’t bother to write up my last UK experience (June 2022). Whilst I found signs of improvement, the overall public charging experience … Continue reading

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What Will Putin Do Next?

Is Putin mad or just bad? What are his aims? What will he do next? What can stop him? The answer lies in his history.
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Greenwashing, Fossil-fuel Solutionism and Technological Optimism are Replaying the Tobacco Industry Strategy.

We need to hold politicians in all developed countries to account for Greenwashing, Fossil-fuel Solutionism and Technological Optimism and act to regulate lobbying and call it for what it is, fossil fuel industry bribery.   Continue reading

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Running on Empty? A Report on a Long Distance BEV Trip

A long distance trip report in a Battery Electric Vehicle assessing the maturity of electric cars and the charging infrastructure. Continue reading

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COP On The Long and Winding Road

A short review of James Lovelock’s last book and an optimist’s view of how we will survive the climate crisis. Continue reading

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Prepare to Critically Assess the Hype Around COP26

I’m reading a very interesting book by William Catton called Overshoot. Amazingly this was first published in 1980, yet describes where our world is today, how we arrived at the current mess and what we need to do to extricate ourselves. Continue reading

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How to Fix Facebook and Reinvent Social Media Futures

Our problem is that Facebook is a huge monopoly. They can do what they like. Our opportunity is to encourage Facebook to come to recognize that their continued existence could be just as, if not even more lucrative, if it was socially responsible. Continue reading

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Ideas Load the Gun, but Instinct Pulls the Trigger

We mustn’t look to conventional politicians and business leaders. They are hopelessly conflicted. We need to empower numerous cohorts who become powerful by adopting instinctive thinking – where climate friendly decisions are the only option Continue reading

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Last Night at the Poms

I’m with Simon Rattle who said in a recent interview with the Radio Times that he avoided conducting the Last Night because of its “jingoistic elements”. However last night’s performance showed that a large section of the audience don’t like nationalistic behaviour spilling over into politics! Continue reading

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Future Government? It’s Time to Handover to the Next Generation

I would never try to tell the younger generation what to do. But just imagine for a moment how a worldwide organization could emerge, almost overnight. And imagine if that organization provided high profile communications on how individual countries are performing (or not) against climate and sustainability targets, and supply the media with material (ammunition) to challenge the existing political hierarchy. Continue reading

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