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Crisis, What Crisis? We Are At WAR!

All around the western world the word on the street and the media is, “we have a cost of living crisis”. Pressure is being brought to bear on governments to impose windfall taxes on energy companies, bail out citizens, increase … Continue reading

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What Will Putin Do Next?

Is Putin mad or just bad? What are his aims? What will he do next? What can stop him? The answer lies in his history.
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Hurt Russia and Save the Planet? We All Need to Share the Pain!

. . . in the very short term, when we stop using Russian gas and oil, rationing is high probability.
Frankly so what? Compared to what the Ukrainians are living through, fuel rationing would be a small inconvenience. And the abrupt shock of rationing would be a great stimulus to consumers and business to cut dependency on fossil fuels. Continue reading

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We Need A Peacekeeping Force for Ukraine?

Here in Ireland we are acutely aware that borders can be drawn by powerful people with no thought at all about the consequences for ordinary people. Today we have the technology to mobilise. Much of the time it might be said that it’s mostly used for nefarious purposes. But here’s an opportunity to use the technology for good Continue reading

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